Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

General rules

  • We play to have fun
  • Be courteous to your fellow players that means no swearing or being rude, playing games is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and being nice to others is part of that experience.
  • Smurfs of war has a good name in the gaming community; we will not tolerate anything that will compromise that!
  • As said playing games is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so please keep all moaning and whining to yourself, it effect others
    game play in a negative way.
  • Don’t type bad or rude comments on ingame chat, if you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
  • We use teamspeak so you must come on when playing
  • You must display your tag (smurf or SoW) at all times; recruits must display (smurf-r or SoW) at all times.
  • All members must be active on teamspeak, the forum & our server, if you are absent for more than 14 days without letting us know first you will be kicked. It only takes 2 seconds to post a message.
  • Register, check and use the forum, you will find loads of information there.
  • We are a clan built on democracy! But we do have and use our ranking to sort any disagreement.
  • Do not stat pad, use trainers, hacks, glitches or any other form of cheating in any servers, this will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to punt/ban/kick anyone we consider to be causing problems in our servers, forum, teamspeak or website.
    This includes not playing as a team and generally upsetting the rest of the players.

TeamSpeak Rules

  • Always mute your microphone when not around.
  • No swearing before 9pm GMT and after that still behave respectful.
  • Please keep all moaning and whining to yourself, it effect others in a negative way.
  • Please remember good manners, meaning no burping, no loud screaming ect
  • Use separate rooms when playing different games to avoid cross talk.
  • When playing remember to give precise instructions and make them short and clear
    (i.e. use north/south/east/west and use names)
  • And don’t be too offended when you get kicked from teamspeak for breaking these rules

Battlefield Rules

  • Smurfs Of War always play as one, we smurf together through victory and defeat.
  • Team play means that you work as a squad and not as an individual, helping your team mates.
  • Please remember medics are just as important as any other player types, A good tip is to have a variety of player abilities so you have good resources to call on for any situation.
  • Team play is NOT running to the next waypoint, before helping the team clear the perimeter and makes sure the team is ready to move along.
  • Team play is NOT to fly about in jet’s and attack chopper’s unless its needed.

Our server rules

  • Always greet others and make them feel welcome.
  • Do not kill team mates, friendly fire is usually off, but if it’s on watch your fire please.
  • No abusing admin powers i.e. No /list abuse (like more than 1 track in a row when public players on)
  • No changing maps unless there’s a problem or everybody agrees.
  • No kicking/banning players without a good reason (post on the forum reason)


  • Have a 2-4 week recruitment period; you must display your tag (smurf-r or SoW).
  • We must see you actively playing and participating with the squad.
  • We may extend your recruitment period if needed.

our tag’s in games

Track Mania – player Smurf
Battlefield 3 – (prefix : SoW) player name
Battlefield 2 – (prefix : *SoW*) player name
Bad Company 2 – (prefix : *SoW*) player name
CSS and TF2 – -<SoW>- player Smurf

Failure to follow these rules will result in a disciplinary.
This could be anything from losing admin powers to being kicked from the squad.