Anno 2070 Patch 1.05

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May 142012

Most important changes in overview:

The logic for random map generation has been modified to allow for more variety in maps. WARNING: Five digit map numbers from before 1.05 will generate different maps than before
The full screen menu of statistic buildings has been optimized
The Continues chapters game settings now have an additional option ‘rare’ for ‘Quests’
Ready-to-build warehouses and depots on the mouse cursor now automatically change to deep sea warehouses and underwater warehouses when you move the mouse cursor to the open sea or underwater. The right-click menu and the construction menu have been changed accordingly
F.A.T.H.E.R. world council action ‘Robotic workforce’ now only reduces maintenance costs by 25% (former 50%) for 15 minutes (former 30 minutes)
Pipette cannot be used to copy other players buildings in multiplayer games anymore
The Continues chapters game settings now have the option ‘Starting Faction’ that lets players start the game with both factions unlocked from the beginning
Protests now also has an impact on the productivity of the laboratory
The maximal capacity of goods slots in trading routes is now 150t instead of 60t. This does not work in saved games from Version prior to 1.05
An exploit has been fixed, made it possible to keep additional inhabitants from the media buildings even after changing to a different channel
An exploit has been fixed, made it possible to duplicate items and goods by simultaneously trading them and throwing them over board
The coloring of existing buildings while building city centers and depots has been optimized
The unit limit has been increased for ecos and tycoons and reduced for techs
Chance for and movement of the tornado have been further optimized

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Anno 2070 Patch 1.04

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Mar 262012

ANNO 2070 – Patch-Notes 1.04

The most important changes in overview:
  •  Notepad function implemented
  • Rival Third Parties will got to war against one another
  • DLC-related awards will only be included in the overall count if the corresponding DLC has been activated
  • The “Dock” building is now much cheaper to both build and operate
  • The sawmill produces more slowly
  • Goods depots’ Surface-to-air missiles do more damage
  • Tornadoes occur more rarely
  • Skylar Bane’s World Council actions have been rearranged and significantly increased
  • Seamus Green’s World Council actions have been rearranged, with some weakened and some strengthened
  • Underwater Oil fields have been significantly increased at all levels of difficulty
  • A bug was fixed which led to own games being flagged as „Other game” and therefore certain achievements not being unlocked.
 Further changes and bug fixes:

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