About us

Welcome to Smurfs of War.

The smurfs squad was formed on the 1st of January 2006, and have members from all over Europe and beyond. We are a friendly, happy, chilled squad and our main aim is to have fun, fun and more fun.

We have a wide range of interests between us, including football, movies, cars, women and of course games.

We may be a bit competitive with each other but we always help each other out with any problems gaming related or otherwise. If anything happens to one of us, the rest of the clan is always there for support, advice and help. We are more like a family than a gaming clan, we have our odd disagreement but it’s always sorted out in a mature and adult manner.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate cheating, hacking or the use of glitches in any game we play.

Smurfs of War