About us


Welcome to Smurfs of War.

The smurfs squad was formed on the 1st of January 2006, and have members from all over Europe and beyond. You can see a bit about each smurf on the members page. We are a friendly, happy, chilled squad and our main aim is to have fun, fun and more fun.

We have a wide range of interests between us, including football, movies, cars, women and of course games.
We play many games as a clan but our main games are (Battlefield 3, Fsx and Trackmania).

We may be a bit competitive with each other but we always help each other out with any problems gaming related or otherwise. If anything happens to one of us, the rest of the clan is always there for support, advice and help. We are more like a family than a gaming clan, we have our odd disagreement but it’s always sorted out in a mature and adult manner.

We are always on the lookout for new members. As long as you are a team player, polite, and can speak a little English, then your the person we’re looking for. We have members from all over the world including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, England And America. If you want to come and smurf with us, fill in the join us section and we will be in touch. Alternatively, just stop by and give us a “shout” on the shout box.

We do play clan matches occasionally but they are friendly with clans we know and are purely for a fun, if we lose we lose, if we win we win, as long as we have fun we don’t care.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate cheating, hacking or the use of glitches in any game we play.

All our servers use punkbuster which stream live to the pbbans master ban list.
If we think someone is Cheating in our servers, we will collect evidence before reporting/banning them.

We hope you enjoy looking at our site. We now also have a Facebook Group, feel free to check it out here..Smurfbook

If you would like to see anything added to our site just tell us and we will do our best.

Smurfs of War