SIM720 is pleased to announce itself as a supplier to the Flight Simulation market.


SIM720 is now offering its services to the flight simulation market in its own name.  “Our whole culture is about open access to products and positive communication by all. As the market gets to know us better SIM720 will welcome support and constructive criticism to help it align to the market”.

Who are SIM720 and what have they got to do with Smurfs of War?  Some may have heard of us already; we have worked undercover for other publishers including Landclass development for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland released by Orbx. We have also developed some English airports for ORBX such as Goodwood, Shoreham, Shuttleworth (Old Warden), etc. From this work we have received some excellent reviews and believe we have a reputation for quality

The company consists of simmers and gamers including six members of Smurfs of War.  It was started early last year as a group of friends and like-minded people who came together, including some from other countries, to make a difference to the flight simulation community and themselves. Initially established in a single room, SIM720 is now working out of a converted cart shed in Fareham, Hampshire, England.

Asked what SIM720 had to offer the marketplace a Director stated: “We want to bring a variety of product offerings to the various sub communities; one face does not necessarily fit all. Having said that, ALL of our initial airport products have their own control panel, which will allow customers to select their currently installed scenery files, thus enabling SIM720 airports to work seamlessly with Microsoft FSX and Lockheed Prepar3d, with compatible photoreal blending with Default FSX, Orbx Global, and where they exist Orbx Regions, Horizon and MegaSceneryEarth. They are also DX10 compatible.”

Initially, SIM720 will be releasing airports, with the first launched today being Oban in Scotland, UK. To help introduce ourselves to the community we have also made a free rescue mission available at for this airport. SIM720 will be launching many more products before the end of the year in places around the world including the Far East, USA and Europe as well as more in the UK. Some of these are announced already on our website.

The SIM720 flight simulation website is alive and well and dedicated to flight simulation so that is the place to catch up on SIM720 software developments. We recommend you visit our site to see what is currently announced, but it is very much watch this space as we are planning on product announcements happening on almost a weekly basis. Please revisit us frequently to keep in touch.